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Where to Stay in Kelantan - Kota Bharu

Most people rush through without really exploring Kelantan. Seen as a doorway to Thailand and the Perhentian Islands, it’s often overlooked simply because of its ‘more interesting’ neighbours. The state is a fusion of Malay and Thai culture with an array of Buddhist temples but it also displays decidedly Malay inclinations. One of the most old-fashioned and Muslim states in Malaysia, Kelantan’s popular sights aren’t wide-scale productions; instead the state features truly Asian sights such as kerosene lamps, blue rice at the night market in Kota Bahru (the state capital), traditional martial arts displays, shadow puppets at the Gelanggang Seni and batik painting. If you’re looking for a place to stay, Kelantan doesn’t disappoint – there’s a wide range of budget deals and mid-range ventures scattered all over the state with affordable rates.

Kota Bharu Hotels

Renaissance Kota Bharu Hotel  
Grand Riverview Hotel Kota Bharu  
Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Kota Bharu Kelantan  
Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort  
Leo Mutiara Hotel  
Crown Garden Hotel  
Habib Hotel  
Tune Hotel Kota Bharu City Centre Kelantan  
One Station Boutique Hotel  


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