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    Where to Stay in Negeri Sembilan

    Home to the west coast’s last stretch of preserved forest, Cape Rachado Forest Reserve, tiny Negeri Sembilan isn’t an extremely popular state. Featuring a few notable sights, the region’s most renowned spot is Port Dickson – a seaside strip that runs the length from the Cape Richardo lighthouse 16km to the south. 34km north of PD is Negeri Sembilan’s capital, the strongly Minangkabau-influenced Seremban which was once a thriving tin mining town. To get a taste of the capital’s offerings, visit the Lake Gardens, State Mosque, Museum and Cultural Complex and if you don’t mind travelling a little further, head 30km east of Seremban to Sri Menanti, the old capital of the state. This is Minangkabau heartland with a beautiful palace and a large mosque. Lodgings here, ranging from budget deals to luxury ventures – are reasonably priced.

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