Avillion Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


Avillion Port Dickson


Enjoy a wide range of facilities at Avillion Port Dickson.

Avilion Academy

Activities designed at Avillion are experiences one should not miss! Gear yourself and have fun in more than 20 activities.

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Village Pool
Managed by our recreation staff from 0800 hours to 0100 hours daily, this 1.2 meter deep free form pool with whirlpools is suitable for individuals and families. Beautifully wrapped in topical gardens and conserved coconut groves, this beautiful pool offers numerous lounge chairs to guarantee your comfort while soaking up the tropical sun. What抯 more to ask when you could even request for pleasing meals and thirst quenchers from our pool restaurant, The Village Court, with just a call away!

Cochin Pool
A lap pool located at the Northern wing of the resort, the Cochin pool offers you a romantic swim from day till night. Surrounded by day beds and sun lounges, the pool is strictly for adults, providing a quiet retreat for those who wish to relax in a more quiet and tranquil surrounding. Simply a perfect spot to have your body tanned with a good book in hand!

Word of advice:

  • Proper swim wear must be adorned at all time for safety and hygiene.
  • For safety reasons, please do not use the pool during heavy rain and/or thunderstorm.
  • Strictly no diving activities are allowed.
  • Radio / electrical appliance are not allowed at the pool side.
Tai Chi

As a frequently practiced ancient Chinese Art, both by the easterner and westerner, this wellness programme combine martial and meditative exercises for the body and mind. Combat with a considerable focus of stamina, calm and tranquil mind, Avillion抯 calming ambience with a panoramic view of the sea is a prefect place to boost your health amidst.
Available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 0630 hours to 0730 hours.


Avillion’s gym offers a fabulous way to workout in the seafront state-of-the-art gymnasium that features world class fitness equipment including a range of cardiovascular machines , treadmills, upright, recumbent bikes, weight machines and free weights.

Our personal fitness instructor is ever ready to assist designed individual programs upon your request to suit your specific needs for maximum enjoyment and wellbeing.

  • Opens daily from 0800 to 2000 hours.
  • Strictly for adults only.
  • Proper sports wear must be adorned at all time.
  • If you're not physically fit, it is advisable to consult your doctor before exercising.
Steam & Sauna

Let the gentle clouds of soft steam surround you, bringing the pleasure of total relaxation as you calm yourself at our steam and sauna room.

Believed to heal aches and pains, steam and sauna keeps you relax as the moist heat works wonders on your mind, body & spirit. The steamed saunas allow the flushing of toxins from your skin, leaving your skin soft, subtle and hydrated.

Avillion steam and sauna are gardened in lush greenery landscape providing serene and calm environment that melts away your stress.

  • Opens daily from 0800 hours to 2300 hours
  • Free for use
  • You are advice to use a cover or towel for hygiene reasons.
  • If you're not physically fit, it is advisable to consult your doctor before using the steam & sauna.

Bordered with green gardens, this all-weather grass coloured court offers tennis facilities to all types of players. Whether you're a beginner, improver or an advanced player, we make sure you have your good game of tennis at the Avillion grass court.

  • Opens daily from 0700 hours to 1900 hours
  • Free usage on the 2nd hour play
  • Night tennis is available upon request
  • Proper sports wear must be adorned at all time for safety and hygiene
Water Sports

Keen to try out water sports on your holiday? We offer non-motorized and environmental friendly Hydro-bike, Kayak, Water Bee and Windsurfing for those water sports lovers. With warm and calm sea waters all year round, you抮e sure to get your body and feet wet for a good reason!

  • Opens daily from 0800 hours to 1900 hours
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Equipment available upon request
Beach Volleyball

Get yourself sweat out under the sun, sea and sand on a great game of volleyball! Whether you're on a vacation with your family or friends, you must not miss the popular beach volleyball at the Riau Beach. And combination of fun, excitement and a lot of sun, this group game provides a lot of entertainment and laughter for those who do not wish to get themselves wet in the water.

  • Opens daily from 0700 hours to 1900 hours.
  • Game is subject to availability and on first-come-first serve basis.
Nature's Walk

Experience the traditional cures of diseases and sickness through the feet while you enjoy re-learning the yesteryear of typical village life as you walk barefoot along the stepping stones.

This serene walking path is not only for nature lovers, but also for those who are health conscious. Just follow our 'footsteps' trail at the bullock cart area and get yourself re-energized by the wonders stepping stones.

Orchid Hut

Enjoy our colorful blooms that fill your gaze as you step by our Orchid Hut and appreciate the graceful beauty of these exotic yet nostalgic flowers. Known for its luxury symbol of love, these unique plants represent deep inner need to keep gentleness, delicacy and romance in ones relationship.

Created for the orchid enthusiasts, this beautiful greenhouse is surrounded offers numerous assortments of beautiful parasites, such as the Dendrobium Pink, Red Ruby, Sonia Greenish, Banana Jade and etc

Spice Farm

Settled in the lush greenery surroundings, the Spice Farm is another interesting site for nature enthusiasts. Planted from seeds and some from parts of the plants, the grass ground offers a variety of traditional spices used for cooking, healing and health purpose. Some of the herbs and spices found in the garden are Kacip Fatimah, Tongkat Ali, Kandan Wangi? Kunyit Sutera and etc.

The Pet Farm

You’re welcome to say “Hello” to April, our very own incubated “Ayam Serama” from the “Kelatek” breed. A visit to the Pet Farm certainly is a good way to nurture your kids for the love of the animals. The tame yet amiable pets like the rabbits, peacocks, guinea-pigs, doves, chicks and a variety of bird species are specially taken care of by our to amaze your children. Some of the pets, such as the peacocks and cocks are free to wander around the green Avillion’s garden. Tamed and brought up at the resort from day one, it doesn’t come as a surprise that these animals are able to go back to the farm themselves after their peaceful leisure walk around the lush greenery landscape.

  • Touch-A-Pet and Feed-A-Pet daily at 1000 hour
  • Bathe-A-Pet every Wednesday and Sunday at 1000 hour
Bird Watching

Nature lovers would be on their lookout at the Avillion Port Dickson as we have spotted more than 30 species around the resort from Kingfishers to Black-Naped Oriole and many more. Bring your own binoculars and enjoy the amazing gaze at your own leisure. Watch them feed at our Bird Feeding Platforms.

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