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Where and What to Eat in Malaysia

Malaysia is a fantastic opportunity to try different styles of Asian cooking. As a result of the country's diverse heritage – Malays, Chinese and Indians, you’ll be able to find food from three different countries in one place, with perhaps a little fusion in between. Rice is of course, the staple but Malaysian food also utilises a lot of spices and meats.

Major cities such as Kuala Lumpur have a vast number of international restaurants serving French to Japanese and Korean to Mediterranean dishes.

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10 Best Restaurants by Regions

  • Top 10 Restaurants in KL

    KL 10 Best Restaurants

    Take a look at our list of the Kuala Lumpur's top 10 restaurants, ranging from upmarket fine dining restaurants and Read More»

  • Top 10 Restaurants in Langkawi

    10 Best Restaurants in Langkawi

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  • Top 10 Restaurants

    10 Best Penang Restaurants

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    Top 10 Restaurants

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    Top 10 Trendy Restaurants

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Dining by Regions in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Restaurant

Kuala Lumpur Restaurants

KL is a food haven – with a large population brimming with different races and cultures, it doesn't take very much to Read More...

Langkawi Restaurants

Langkawi Restaurants

Langkawi food is fantastic - Warm beaches, gentle breeze, clear waters and magnificent seafood. As an island surround by Read More...

Penang Restaurants

Penang Restaurants

Penang's main attraction is the stretch of hawker stalls and food courts that line the inner side of the Read More...

Malacca Restaurants

Malacca's rich Peranakan culture has given birthed to a variety of delicious food that is spicy and sweet, referred to Read More...

Port Dickson Restaurants

Be it a quick weekend getaway or a long-awaited tropical holiday, when you’re on vacation one of the most important Read More...

Kuantan Restaurants

Pahang offers a nice variety of Malay, Chinese and Indian food. On a more specific note, Kuantan, a city along the east Read More...

Malaysia Dining Guide

Chinese Food

The unique appeal of Chinese food is its vast menu. Just as the Chinese will eat anything with their backs facing the Read More...

Malay Food

Malay food is the most commonly available food in the country. Originating from Indonesia, traders from across the world Read More...

Indian Food

In the 19th century Indian labourers migrated to Malaysia to work in rubber estates and on railways, bringing with them Read More...

5 Best Desserts in Penang

Perfect for any unapologetic sweet tooth, check out our handpicked selection of the five must-try desserts in Penang... Read More...

5 Weirdest Dishes to Try in KL

5 Weirdest Dishes to Try in KL

This is for the adventurous! We dare you to sink your teeth into some of Kuala Lumpur’s strangest delicacies. You might Read More...

10 Great Malay Dishes

10 Great Halal Dishes

As ethnically-specific Halal fare is a staple cuisine for KL's multiracial community, a visit to KL is never Read More...

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