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Everything You Need To Know About Port Dickson

Port Dickson has always been a perennial attraction for locals in need of a convenient holiday spot. Fondly referred to as ‘PD’, this quiet coastal town is located just 32 km away from Seremban and 80 km away from Kuala Lumpur.

This makes it a very accessible seaside destination, nearer than other beaches for city folks from the Klang Valley. In addition, PD’s beaches are not confined to a single spot, but the whole length of the road that runs along the coastline to PD are potential beachside relaxation areas.


Port Dickson Hotels

Our detailed list of Hotels in Port Dickson comes with a brief and concise description of each hotel, allowing you to browse with great ease and convenience.  Read More...

Port Dickson Attractions

Port Dickson is an area with oodles of sightseeing opportunities. From the popular beaches of Teluk Kemang to the botanical treasures of the Tanjung Tuan forest reserve. Read More...

Port Dickson Restaurants

Be it a quick weekend getaway or a long-awaited tropical holiday, when you’re on vacation one of the most important things to do is to sample the local cuisine. Read More...

Port Dickson Nightlife

Night time entertainment is decidedly very limited in Port Dickson. The best places to go to in PD for some fun when the sun goes down are the resorts. Read More...

Port Dickson Shopping

Port Dickson has many souvenirs and handicrafts that serve as a remembrance of your visit. These include beach-themed T-shirts, engravings, bags and caps. Read More...

Port Dickson Activities

Malaysians love to throng Port Dickson’s beaches at weekends because of its range of activities and affordable accommodation choices. Water sports enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice. Read More...

Port Dickson Map

Explore the history of Port Dickson; from its conception as a port to the popular tourist destination it now is.  Read More...

Port Dickson Photos

Our handy-dandy photo page has an extensive collection of snapshots featuring some of the tourist attractions, exciting activities, dining choices, shopping venues and hot nightspots Read More...


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