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Located a little over four miles from the seaside town of Port Dickson, Lukut was once an important tin mining area during the 19th century. During the mid-1800s’ the town was overrun by Chinese immigrants lured by the prospect of finding riches in the tin mines and there were often scuffles between sectors of the communities for better mining areas. To quell the rising tension amongst immigrants Fort Lukut was built to control the lucrative tin trade in the area. Another sightseeing attraction here is the Lukut Museum which exhibits artefacts discovered at the fort such as relics ranging from coins and clay floor tiles to remnants of the Nasau – a Dutch East Indies Company battleship, which sunk off the coast of Tanjung Tuan during the Battle of Cape Rachado. 

Kota Lukut

Built in 1847 to quell the rising tension amongst immigrants over control of the lucrative tin trade in the area, Kota Lukut is a prominent historical site located on top of Bukit Gajah Mati. Visitors can get a bird’s eye view of the sleepy town of Lukut from the pinnacle of the fort, as well as explore its illustrious ruins.

  • Location: From Lukut town head in the direction of Port Dickson municipality. Along the way you will see signs for Kota Lukut & Muzium Lukut. After passing a Shell petrol station turn right into the first lane and head up this small road for about 800m.
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Muzium Lukut

The Lukut Museum was established in an effort to preserve the history of Lukut as well as the cultures and customs of its most fascinating indigenous tribe – the Minangkabau. The museum also houses some interesting relics including artefacts from the Nasau, a Dutch battleship which was submerged off the coastline of Tanjung Tuan during the Battle of Cape Rachado.

  • Opening Hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 09:00 – 18:00 Friday: 09:00 – 12:00 and 15:00 – 18:00
  • Address: Lot 730, Kota Lukut, 71010
  • Tel: (606) 651 2954
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Tanjung Tuan

With plenty of beautiful beaches and a plethora of sight-seeing activities this beach is one of the most popular spots in Port Dickson for an exciting and relaxing holiday getaway. Visitors can jungle trek through the lush forest reserve to visit the historic lighthouse or simply choose to explore Fort Kempas. Either way Tanjung Tuan is sure to capture the hearts of all who visit her beautiful shores.

Cape Rachado Forest Reserve

Tanjung Tuan is a coastal forest composed of both rainforest and mangrove swamps that cover stretches of the beach. Declared a permanent forest reserve in 1921, the forest houses a number of bird species including jungle fowls which often scurry across the jungle trails, and birds of prey come here to roost and rule at the beginning of the year. The forest also brims with insects and reptiles, including large monitor lizards, snakes and crocodiles which are occasionally spotted swimming in the waters.

Fort Kempas

Keramat Ujong Pasir – a small village in Port Dickson – houses the 15th century tomb of Ulama Sheikh Ahmad Makhtum. A leading Islamic historical personality, the Ulama is most famous for the famed ‘Batu Bersurat’ – or stone inscriptions – which depict his struggles and eventual victory in spreading the Islamic religion throughout Malacca.

  • Location: Fort Kempas is located about 25 kilometres from Port Dickson towards Linggi or Ramuan Cina on the old road to Malacca

Lighted Lighthouse

Facing the Straits of Malacca the lighthouse in Tanjung Tuan has an unrivalled view of the ocean. Originally built by the Portuguese as a means to guide their ships through unfamiliar waters when they conquered Malacca in 1511, the lighthouse’s searchlight still illuminates the shores of Tanjung Tuan till this day and the structure is now a popular tourist attraction. The lighthouse is not open to visitors; nevertheless the keeper is more than willing to show people around.

  • Location: Enter the Cape Rachado Forest Reserve and walk up the hill for approximately one kilometre. The lighthouse is located at the top
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Teluk Kemang

By far the best thing to do while in Teluk Kemang is to visit its beaches. However, visitors often opt to engage in an array of non-beach activities that this area has to offer including golfing and sightseeing. Visit the Port Dickson Mini Zoo or the ostrich farm and you’ll be amazed at the fun that you can have with friends and family.

Ostrich Farm

At the Port Dickson Ostrich Farm, visitors are shown the proper way to handle an ostrich egg, how to ride an ostrich and also engage in a man-against-ostrich challenge to see if they can break an ostrich egg by standing on it! You’ll also be able to taste ostrich satay, ostrich burger and purchase souvenirs as well as cosmetics derived from ostrich oil.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 17:30 everyday
  • Address: Lot 1419, Jalan Kemang 13, Batu 9, Jalan Pantai, 71050.
  • Tel: (6012) 331 7770 or +(6019) 360 4466

Port Dickson Mini Zoo

Housing animals such as horses, rabbits, camels, chickens, snakes and monkeys, the Port Dickson Mini Zoo – the only zoo in PD – is the perfect place to spend a day.

  • Address: Lot 1949, Telok Kemang, Batu 9.5, Jalan Pantai, 71050
  • Tel: (606) 662 6113 or +(619) 666 4043
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