Negeri Sembilan Attractions

What to See in Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan Hotels

All the main hotels are clustered in the popular beach of Port Dickson, from sprawling apartments to penthouses and Read More...



Seremban, is the centre of Minangkabau culture. However, rather than being practised today, widespread elements of the Read More...

Negeri Sembilan Attractions

The charming town of Sri Menanti houses the Sri Menanti Royal Museum which was built at the turn of the century with Read More...

Port Dickson

The popular beach of Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan is also a town in itself. Years of development has blunt its Read More...

Port Dickson Hotels

Port Dickson Hotels

Our detailed list of Hotels in Port Dickson comes with a brief and concise description of each hotel, allowing you tomap Read More...

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Adat Museum

Learn all about the Minangkabaus who founded the state in this museum in Rembau. The Adat Museum has a collection of cultural artifacts from heirlooms to headgear and charts to musical instruments pertaining to Minangkabau culture.

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Jelita Ostrich Farm

Feed ostriches and other animals such as turkeys, rabbits and horses in this delightful farm in Seremban. Visitors will also be briefed on ostrich farming, get to visit the breeding pens and maybe even ride the biggest bird in the world!

Lata Kijang Waterfalls

Nestled within the Kenaboi Forest Reserve in Jelebu, Lata Kijang is one the highest waterfalls in Malaysia. It is accessible only by 4WD vehicles from the Jelebu main road. The journey in to the waterfalls will enable you to see ‘Orang Asli’ or Aborigines, their villages and fascinating flora and fauna.

Lukut Museum

The museum commemorates Lukut’s golden era as a bustling tin mining area. Artifacts from a sunken Dutch-East Indian battleship from 1606 are also stored here. Other attractions include the nearby Lukut fort built in 1847 to protect the town’s former tin trade.

Pedas Hot Springs

The hot springs are located about 15 km away from Seremban. Here, you can relax in the park’s hot springs and relieve your muscle ache and soreness as the therapeutic water does its magic.

Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex

Just 35 km from Port Dickson lies this house which contains the tomb of an Islamic priest from Sumatra – Sheikh Ahmad Majnun. Also check out the stone megaliths around the house which are believe to possess a life of their own, moving about as they please or so the locals claim.

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Sri Menanti Royal Museum

The charming town of Sri Menanti houses the Sri Menanti Royal Museum which was built at the turn of the century with only wood – no nails or screws. Incorporating 99 pillars soaring at 65 feet each, the museum is an architectural marvel. Inside, the regalia of the Negeri Sembilan Royal family are stored along with costumes, weapons, bed chambers and documents on the Royal lineage.

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Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest

This recreational forest is a pretty place for camping and trekking. There are also clear streams to bathe in and for those who like climbing; the Angsi Mountain is located here at 825 meters high. Chalets, camping sites, parking bays and playgrounds are available.

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