Malaysia Nightlife

What to Do at Night in Malaysia

It remains the best-kept secret that Malaysia has a world-class effervescent and exciting nightlife jam-packed with flamboyant personalities and gorgeous women. With trendy bistros and hip clubs constantly revamping to keep up with demand, Malaysia’s nightlife continues to successfully fan the flames of the masses year after year.

It goes without saying that the best place to groove in Malaysia is the booming metropolis of Kuala Lumpur – the heart of the city. With plenty of entertainment options that range from sedate pubs, sophisticated clubs and trendy bistros, Kuala Lumpur easily satisfies its culturally diverse clientele.

Kuala Lumpur Nightlife Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

The city centre of Kuala Lumpur, along with some choice urban spots, lights up with excitement at night as crowds of youngsters, revellers and yuppies frequent clubs, bars and pubs on the streets. Read More...

Kuantan Nightlife Kuantan Nightlife

The town’s after-hours scene is dull – there are a few nightclubs operating within hotels but beyond that most locals enjoy early dinners with a few drinks at popular Chinese restaurants. Read More...

Langkawi Nightlife Langkawi Nightlife

Some of the bars are directly located on the beach, and it makes perfect sense to spend the evening with friends over beer while absorbing the sound of waves crashing on the shore and the glitter of a starry-lit sky. Read More...

Malacca Nightlife Malacca Nightlife

Despite being a small town, you'll be surprised just how much the action heats up at night in certain spots around the city. For those after mild entertainment with a focus on late-night supper, Jonker Street is the perfect haunt. Read More...

Penang Nightlife Penang Nightlife

During weekends, throngs of people can be seen making a beeline for the pubs, bars, discos, nightclubs and karaoke lounges dotting the major cities. Great places to socialise, many of these establishments have large dancefloors to accommodate a large crowd, which multiplies during festival seasons. Read More...

Port Dickson Nightlife

Night time entertainment is decidedly very limited in Port Dickson. The best places to go to in PD for some fun when the sun goes down are the resorts. Read More...


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