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Belum Forest Reserve


Hidden in the north of Lake Temenggor is a large tract of rainforest, which has been gazetted as the Belum Forest Reserve. Practically untouched, Belum hides a wealth of wildlife such as rhinos, tapirs and tigers. Various tour operators now offer trips into Belum to uncover its natural beauty, with permission from the authorities.

Bukit Larut


Situated at 1,035 meters above sea-level, Bukit Larut is a pleasant hill offering a cooling retreat from the heat below. Accessible by 4WD vehicles from Taiping, the surrounding hill-top forest is rich in vegetation and wildlife. The country’s oldest hill resort is also located here.

Gua Tempurung


The Tempurung Cave is one of Malaysia’s largest at 1.5 km long (though the Mulu Caves dwarf it by about a hundred times). Visitors can take the scenic route and explore the cave via man-made bridges that are lit up or take the rough trail which will bring them through a stream inside the cave. Be sure to brave bat guano and creepy-crawlies!

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The name ‘Ipoh’ comes from a local tree called the ‘Pohon Epu’. In its heyday, Ipoh was the economic hub of Malaysia thriving on tin ore. The town nowadays has become a peaceful city which moves at a slow pace.

Ipoh’s food is legendary especially for silky noodles in soup called ‘Sar Hor Fun’ and Hainanese chicken rice. Locals from other states often come here to buy fruit such as the famous Tambun pomelos, groundnuts and seedless guavas. Read More...

Kellie’s Castle


The castle was built in 1915 and was never completed as the owner William Kellie Smith returned to England and died there.

Many believe the castle is haunted, having many secret rooms and even a hidden tunnel. Still, it makes for great visiting exploring the many rooms of this large mansion while chasing ghosts.

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Lata Iskandar


On the road leading up to Cameron Highlands, the Lata Iskandar waterfalls will greet you half-way. A spectacular drop of mountain water that forms a shallow pool, many people heading up to the hills just can’t resist taking a dip. Many Orang Asli (Aborigines) settlements are located around the falls, offering handicrafts and plants taken from the surrounding forest for sale.

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Pangkor Island


Accessible from Lumut, the Pangkor Island holds a mix of quaint fishing settlements and white beaches decked with rich vegetation.

The warm waters are perfect for swimming and diving while the atmosphere is simply relaxing. Many resorts are available for accommodation on this popular island.

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Sam Poh Tong Temple


The temple is located 5km south of Ipoh in Gunung Rapat within a large limestone cavern. Statues adorn the cavern, sitting alongside natural stalactite and stalagmite formations. A vegetarian restaurant, tortoise pond and wishing well can be found here.

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Taiping Lake Gardens


One of the most beautiful and oldest lake gardens in Malaysia, the Taiping Lake Gardens was built with scenery and ambience in mind. There is a large lake with paths draped in festoons of flowering plants and cooling trees. The Taiping zoo is located here.

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Temenggor Lake


Temenggor is one of the largest man-made lakes in Malaysia covering 15,200 hectares. The streams and rivers that dot the lake are rich in fish that will make anglers happy. The panoramic beauty of the lake is also suitable for outdoor recreation such as picnics and trekking.

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